Fishermen Fear Damage From Wind Farms Along The Eastern Seaboard

"You don't just stick an industrial park, frankly, on the ocean floor," says Brady. "You don't pile drive and jet plow the ocean floor, where we get our food, and expect that to necessarily have a good conclusion. But they're doing it out there 'cause there's less people to fight.'"

Time for a change?

At last night's Select Board meeting, fishermen from St. George, Friendship, and a few other Muscongus Bay villages spoke passionately and eloquently against the town's continuing to advocate for Aqua Ventus. Rather than protect the town from the landing of a transmission cable from the wind turbines planned within view of Monhegan, the Select Board continues to disregard a request signed by more than 340 taxpayers and voters. Select Board has decided that an ad-hoc committee no one will join shall determine their actions, rather than town residents whom they are supposed to represent. Several Select Board members continue to disregard and interrupt other board members, "mansplaining" continuously. Who do they represent?