Press Release sent to Maine media today

 Fishermen and Residents of Midcoast Village Join Together to Oppose Offshore Wind Project

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Evy Blum - 

(St. George) On Tuesday, October 17th at 11am, residents of the town of St. George, which includes the villages of Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde, will hand in a petition with more than 300 signatures at the town office and voice their opposition to plans by Maine Aqua Ventus to build a wind farm near Monhegan Island and bring the cable from the turbines onto shore in St. George.

The non-profit group PORT (Preserve Our Remarkable Town) joins with the Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association to share concerns that this project will have a negative impact on both the fishing community and residents in these historic villages.

“I love energy and technology but we still need food and it is very short term thinking to destroy the fishing grounds to generate electricity,” says long time Port Clyde fisherman and co-founder of Port Clyde Fresh Catch, Glen Libby.

Maine Aqua Ventus, a project from the University of Maine and several for profit corporations, is proposing to build two -  576 feet high floating wind turbines with a fishing exclusionary zone 2.5 square miles around the floating platform, 15 miles over the cable and 150 feet on either side of it.

Their plan to land the cable in St. George requires a substantial amount of infrastructure that residents say isn’t in keeping with the character of this historic fishing village.

PORT has gathered more than 300 signatures on a petition that encourages the Select Board to take all steps necessary to prevent the landing of high voltage cables on public or private property in the town of St George. In the event that the Select Board fails to reflect the will of the residents, we are prepared, with the requisite number of signatures, to compel a public vote on the issue.

“This project has the potential to decimate fishing in Muscongus Bay, so we stand with our fishermen to preserve fishing for generations to come,” said Scott Sullivan, co-founder of PORT.

Representatives from PORT and local fishermen will be available to speak with the media once the signatures are handed in at the town office.

When: Tuesday, October 17th at 11am

Where: St. George town office, 3 School St., St. George

What: Residents will hand in more than 300 signatures asking selectmen to strengthen shoreline ordinances to prevent Maine Aqua Ventus from landing a power cable on the St. George peninsula.